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Our children’s program offers the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu following this curriculum as well as self defense and conflict resolution. The ultimate goal is giving your child the tools such as respect, confidence and the knowledge to not get bullied and to be the bully.


Get your child active, help them learn the value of physical fitness, teamwork and all in a safe, positive environment. Jay also helps teach the fundamentals and the advanced classes.


Meet our Instructor//

Jay Owens

Favorite technique: Body Lock pass/arm drags


Jay is a purple belt and former high school wrestling standout placing in conferences and the state championships. After high school Jay graduated from the University of Delaware. After graduating from from UD with a degree in Criminal Justice, Jay began training at Diamond State Jiu Jitsu while continuing his studies at Widener Law School. In that time Jay has competed in local, national and the world championships all while studying and passing two BAR exams in different states.  Medaling or winning in almost all of his outings. And has been ranked in the top 10 heavy weight purple belts in the world by the IBJJF.


Jay has an amazing teaching style and will help your child meet and exceed standards thats we set down at Diamond State Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.






When joining Diamond State Jiu Jitsu you will start in theFundamentals program. This program will introduce you to the basic techniques, concepts and strategies of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This class is curriculum based with testing to ensure the quality of instruction and to gauge the progress of students before moving on to the advanced program.


Meet Our Instructor//

Ian Platz (Gi)

Favorite technique: mounted triangle


Ian came to Diamond State and has been a gym favorite since day one. He is extremely open and personable with a great understanding of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Before Ian began Brazilian Jiu Jitsu he was a standout wide receiver for the Charter School of Wilmington which included All State Honors. Ian has competed extensively, taught fundamentals as well as advanced.


Coach Ian will not only show you the basics of Jiu Jitsu but he will help you develop a passion for the sport.


Mike Blakely (Nogi)

Favorite Technique: straight ankle lock


Mike is a blue belt and former wrestler where he placed as a senior. He has taken a particular interest in Nogi. As a competitor Mike has won local events and won his weight class at the IBJJF Charleston open as well as taking bronze in the open class. And has been ranked in the top 10 in the world by the IBJJF.


Mike is very dedicated to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu constantly working to evolve his game to achieve his goals. He has a great eye for detail and will show you the fundamentals with that detail to get you on the right path when starting this great sport.




These two programs expand on the fundamentals program diving deeper into technique, linking techniques, concepts and competition strategy.


These classes are for blue belts and above. These classes will prepare you for competition at any level and will lead you from blue belt all the way torte ultimate goal of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt.


Meet Our Instructors//

Mike Donohue

Favorite Technique: mounted x choke


Mike is the owner and founder of Diamond State Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Mike is a second degree black belt under world renowned instructor and competitor Rafael Lovato Jr. He has competed in local, national and world championships. As a coach has produced numerous IBJJF medalists including Nogi Pans, American Nationals and several different IBJJF Opens.


Mike began Jiu 16 years ago under Brazilian National Champion Silvio Braga. After which began training with the De la Riva team under legendary black belt Vicente Junior receiving his purple, brown and black belts from Vicente Junior. Over time Mike found his way to Lovato Jiu Jitsu and traveling to train in Oklahoma City with Rafael Lovato Jr.


Mike runs his program to this day under the guidance and direction of Professor Lovato to ensure the highest quality results for all his students.


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