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Keys to Success

So many people ask how do I get better at Jiu Jitsu the answer is simple but the process of actually doing so is much more difficult.

The first thing I tell them is to simply show up to class. How can you expect results if you're not even present at class. Find time adjust your schedule and show up for the one hour. I understand life gets in the way but on the nights where you say, "I just don't feel like it" those are the nights where you must find motivation to show up.

Finally you must DRILL!!! When you get to class don't just tell yourself that rolling is all you need. Learn the technique, ask questions that are about the technique not about what if they do this or that. Drill it over and over. Then when it's time to roll try what you learned. If you don't work keep trying. Tweak it, make the move work for you.

Drilling can get boring. But here is where you learn, adapt and troubleshoot techniques. Once you've learned the technique that's not the end. Keep drilling it. Make it a weapon in your arsenal that you can use anytime.

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